Submit your Pod!

We are currently accepting images to post on our blog. There you will be able to post your pics, receive comments and get your dirty pod rated. Start submitting now.

images must have mydirtyipod written on your pod or on paper. All submissions will be reviewed before posting. Posting occurs within 24 hours. Submit your name so we can post with your pic , in case your pod becomes famous we know who to contact. Come visit our main site at yippee!

4 Responses to “Submit your Pod!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The site\’\’s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

  2. Hi there Says:

    Are you there?

    I was waiting for this kind of posts …

  3. Hi there Says:

    Are you there?

    I would love to hear more about this …

  4. Joon Says:

    Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you…n

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